Carter & Family

“Thank you for all you do for Carter.  He has learned so much.”

Carter and family

Buddy & Maria

“We can’t begin to thank you enough for taking such good care of Amy and Suzanne for all these years.  My children have really enjoyed coming to school and I truly believe that you’ve given them both a wonderful head start in their learning.  They have learned so much from you, and even more importantly have learned to love learning.  You’ve helped us lay a foundation for our girls to succeed, we will be forever grateful for that.”

Love, Buddy and Maria


“There are not enough words to express how grateful and thankful I am for all you do in caring for Cameron.  It makes leaving him in the mornings easier knowing he is in such a wonderful and loving environment.”

Love, Molly

Janet L.

“Thank you for a great job.  The first step is complete.  You have formed the foundation for education.  The (kids) Joshua and Autumn are very enthusiastic when they talk about school.”

Rachael S.

“You’re so amazing!  I am blown away how much Maliyah has learned and grown since coming to your program.”

Chris and Brian B.

“Thank you so much for everything you have done for both John and Will during their time at your school.  They have had great experiences and learned so much.  We are grateful you’ve been a part of their lives.”

Regan T.

“You have created an environment that encourages individual growth and a love for learning. I always tell everyone how wonderful your staff is and how fortunate we have always been to have Jake in the care of such loving, wonderful people.”

Stacey C.

“We greatly appreciate all the love and care that the children have received throughout the past seven years. Thank you even more for caring not only about the kids but also about our entire family. We will always feel a part of the Little Travelers family.”

Deanna M.

“First let me tell you what a wonderful school you run. You and your staff are so wonderful. You have been so kind to me and my family, more than I could have every anticipated. Sean walked away learning so much! You were so kind. Thank you is not enough.”

Lori K.

“I would like to thank you for all the love, discipline, guidance, and education that you have given Kyle over the last 4 years. I feel as though we are leaving family. I would highly recommend your center to any parent.”

Pat P.

“You and your staff are very special to us, and we are forever grateful to you. Thanks so much.”

Anissa H.

“Thank you for giving Kyle a solid foundation by providing him with the education that set him up for success. Your passion for education is contagious and has ignited Kyle’s passion and understanding of the importance of learning and being a good student. He had fun and learned more than we could have ever imagined! The last two years at Little Travelers has been a blessing. Being a part of the LT family is the best decision we have ever made. Thank you!”

Kara and Clinton T.

“Cooper has grown and changed so much since he started with Little Travelers. He knows his letters, numbers, can write his name, do addition, and was able to read a book during his kindergarten assessment. His transformation has been amazing, and we could not be more grateful to the staff at Little Travelers. I would recommend this center for anyone needing a wonderful, safe, and educationally rich program.”

Rachael S.

“Words can’t express my gratitude towards Little Travelers Daycare. You guys do amazing work and I’m so happy you were a part of my children’s lives.”

Brett and Stacey P.

“Little Travelers has always created an environment where learning is a priority and as a result, they have learned so much from you. Both kids were reading way ahead of level before they even went into kindergarten. You have not only taught them academically, but they have also learned/developed and grown socially, and you have been role models for basic morals and values as well. Little Travelers does not skimp out on fun either! The staff always goes above and beyond to do fun things with the kids, especially during the summer with weekly themes, space jams, and the epic Talent Show. There have been many occasions when picking up the kids that they have told me to come back later, they were having too much fun!”

Heather K.

“I will forever be grateful to you and all the staff at Little Travelers. THANK YOU for all your dedication and love for the children who are in your care. You and your staff were a lifesaver to me, and I could never put into words exactly how that feels. I hope you realize the impact you have on each child that walks through your doors!”

Gwen K.

“My family has used Little Travlers Daycare and Learning Center for the past 20 years and counting. 5 children… all the way through kindergarten- amazing staff, above excellent education! Amazing daycare!”

Cindy O.

“My son went here 20 years ago. I have continued to recommend LT to friends who now love them as much as we did. My son continued to go back to visit throughout high school and the US Army. They mean the world to us.”

Fernando G.

“We put our 2 elementary aged kids in the before and aftercare program at Little Travelers when we moved to the area last spring. We had a good experience with them-our kids enjoyed their time there. We no longer need before and aftercare so they are no longer attending, but we were happy that they made an effort to play with the kids and keep them engaged. They are definitely a little on the old fashioned side- they don’t have a website or a way you can pay online or anything like that, and the center looks a bit dated, but those things weren’t a big deal for us. They are also significantly cheaper than any other centers we looked into.”